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Knitting Needle Cases

Wooden knitting needles

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I am a jeweler who has been knitting for many years.  In 2003, when I couldn't find a needle gauge that had all the sizes I wanted, I decided to design my own. Since then, many others have wanted to use it, too.  I'm happy to share it with you!

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The Elegant Knitter
Knitting needle/stitch gauge

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Solid brass with a tarnish-free lacquered finish.            Approx. 3.25" x  3.75"
Needle sizes are shown in both mm and US sizes.
Lightweight and convenient to tuck into your knitting bag.   

Needle/stitch gauge $21.50

Photo credit  -  Helen Brewster

Customer comments:

Received my order today.  What lovely markers... love them and can't wait to use them!  Thank you for your quick service!
Fran W, North Waterboro ME

I love the fact they are small and elegant, and don't catch on the fibers - definitely my choice for lace, which is where I use the largest number of markers (I use them each repeat unless the edge stitches in a repeat keep changing as in the project I am currently working on).

Thank you for your lovely product!
Dianna B,  Holden, ME.

.. Your stitch markers are the best I've found for lace knitting they don't catch, they don't dangle, they don't get in the way.
Sue G., Victoria, Australia

I absolutely love your markers for knitting lace. They never snag and have just that little touch of sparkle to really make knitting enjoyable.
Julia A., Colorado Springs, CO.

.my wonderful friend sent me some of your knitting markers, which I adore so much I had to buy more for myself! I've been knitting for 20+ years and have never enjoyed any markers as much. I'm sure I'll be a
repeat customer. :-) 
Nancy B., Newton Highlands, MA.

I've just ordered two sets from you. They are SUPERB -- they don't feel clunky/sticky/interfering, and I just love them.   Maryjo O., Gold River, CA

             Knitting Needle Jewels

An elegant way of keeping your place

Knitting Charms
Package of 3 in gold or silver, each with a colored bead and gold or silver charm
Size small for sizes up to US 5 needle (3.75mm)
Size medium - best for up to size US 8  (7 mm)
Choose size large for up to US 15 (13mm)

Each set of small or medium includes 21 beaded sterling silver markers, 20 of one color, with one additional in a contrasting color to mark a new round.  Large size has 11 markers.
$21.50 per package

Knitting Jewels--small      Best for needle size 0000-5 US

Knitting Jewels--medium  Best for needle size 4--9 US

Knitting Jewels--large       Best for needle sizes 8-15US

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See MORE designs in our gold and silver knitting charms

Green Thumb Knitting Charms.  Set of 3 $10.50

New!  Stop 'n Go Knitting Markers
Sterling silver beaded markers.  Keep track of every-other-row increases or decreases using these pretty colored indicators as reminders.   Each package contains sets of 2 intertwined markers, in medium and large sizes.  Helpful for many lace patterns, heel gussets, alternating stitch patterns, raglan shaping, etc.
Another Elegant way of keeping your place.   $11.50 per package


Stop 'n Go Markers  gold Set of 2 sizes

Stop 'n Go Markers  silver Set of 2 sizes

I'm using the "stop and go" right now to keep my sanity on a pair of socks I'm knitting hit and miss - a few rows here and there. It's suddenly SO much easier!
De-De H.,  Leesburg, OH.